True Presidential Leadership & The Flip Flopping Out Of Touch Romney

Hard Choices: A Show Of True Leadership
The President is showing the leadership our country needs, but the GOP shows how truly Anti Americans they are. He is saying in letting the top tax rate expire, “I want to pay more, I am willing to pay more to help rescue my country, that I love more than money.  If you feel the same way follow me.  what do we see the GOP doing?  Warren Buffet, one the more wealthiest man say, great business man, shrewd investor and he says, yes the president is right the wealthy should pay more.  the fact is the wealthy have tax shelters and tax loop-holds that take advantage of and even now, like Romney, actually pays about 12% or less. They enjoy huge breaks while the middle class has no shelters or loop holds to hide behind.  Next Up: Out Of Touch
Out Of Touch:The Hypocrisy Of The GOP
The GOP says they want leadership, the president is saying, ” You want leadership, here is real leadership; I’m not willing to tell you something I would not do myself.  That’s real patriotism! He is putting country over his own dollars, and he does not mind.  That is the sign of a real leader, to be willing to make the hard and unpopular part of the job of a leader; the job he elected him to do.  But the GOP has a hard time hearing the truth. They have made themselves very wealthy in the United States , and they are not wiling to step up show some leadership and match the rhetoric that comes out of their mouths.  If Congress was church, we’d call them hypocrites! Next: Falsehoods
Falsehoods: The GOP Rips Off The Middle Class

He can build 4 car capacity elevator (Wasteful Spending) but not pay fair taxes

I can’t hear you GOP, because your actions are screaming so loud, they drowned out the words coming out of your mouth; You say”help the american people (you have difficult time saying Middle Class!)  but you only fight vociferously to protect the wealthy (like they are gods), who want the little guy to continue to foot the bill former President Bush left us.  business has made record profit and the The President was correct, the private sector is doing well, it’s the middle class that’s hurting.  With companies recording profits, they, just don’t want to help the middle class families just to hurt the president; while hurting the people who come into their stores, businesses and websites, to buy products and order services.

Next Up: Tax & Spend

TAX & Spend?: The President Wants To Invest In The Middle Class
The taxes are not going to be spent as the GOP says, the tax cut for the middle class is an investment into the economy and into the middle class which are the real job creators. I know the GOP lied when they ripped that mantle off from the middle class with that phrase. You cannot find 1 business in the united states that has 0 (zero) customers.  You cannot find one.  “Customers are the life blood of business”  In fact the GOP is the party of borrow and spend From to Reagan to both Presidents Bush, massive debt coupled with huge tax cuts and deregulation was a formula that drove us over the cliff of 2008. Romney wants to resurrection it and inject it with steroids. We will fall over another financial cliff only twice a fast, land twice as hard and fall twice as far down. He says smaller government, what he means is firing a lot of American Middle Class families.  Now His hypocrisy is so odd that he would say that the President is killing jobs (see update: On Off-Shoring  later in this blog)  Next GOP:Tax Cut Lie

GOP Tax Cut Lie: Tax Cut Extended, Now Where Are The Jobs They Promised
At a time like this, when the very nation provides a platform for people to become wealthy, when that nation is in financially fragile position, they balk!  They stick their heads in the pile of money this nation gives them the opportunity to do business and create wealth (they are obviously not creating job sitting on three trillion [$3,000,000,000,000.00] They have their tax cuts where are the jobs)

Let’s look at the math. let’s see, Bush Tax Cuts, + three trillion dollars in their pocket = 0 jobs ?? What? wait, that’s not right; How many $50,000 a year hires could that generate?  Get you calculator out; I get 60 million jobs! what do you get? (See The Private Sector Is Doing Well. And The Three Trillion Is Gaining Interest) they could actually end unemployment in America almost instantly. There are only 30 million people out of work; with 60 million jobs, they could all have two jobs each. So what is the real reason they are not hiring?  1. they want more tax breaks but look at the graph  below. 2. Business is

Lowest Taxes In 30 Years

deliberately holding off hiring,  hurting the Middle Class in particularly minorities, just to hurt President Obama and make look bad. (I don’t particularly see this as patriotic, putting dollars over fellow citizens and country.)They want Romney elected, so they can do as they please.  But they can give hundreds of thousands of dollars(and secret millions to a Super PAC or more), but the so-called “Job Creators” won’t hire Americans?  (I find that particularly anti-American. A Financial terror attack.) How many families could be hired with the donations alone?  We can’t say,  the money is secret and they won’t tell us how much.  With the three trillion dollars they are sitting on, they could end unemployment in America in within a week if they really wanted to.

Two quick things and we’ll move on  ONE. if it’s tax cuts that create jobs, why didn’t the tax cuts keep the jobs? Middle Class Life has always held a belief for years, that if tax cuts are not tied to hiring, it will never happen. We have been proven right.  I know what business people believe, I am one of them.  I know that the Middle class are the real job creators,  but to argue that with an owner you’d think they do it all by themselves.  I started this business with my own hands; my education really paid off, I did this and I did that and made my business what it is today.  Really, what about your customers?

Taxes: Are They Patriotic?

We where once asked if paying taxes is patriotic?  Middle Class Life says yes, and we think we are right. Taxes help us keep a strong military, and court systems and so much more that helps  secure us (but we still need God’s protection).  especially with the current economy, Why have the billionaires not come to her rescue? When former President Bush policies push our nation over the financial cliff leaving the wealthy reeling at the prospect of becoming poor. We bailed them out at a high cost to us personally. now they are doing so much better, they have recovered their wealth and more; as they sit on 3 trillion dollars.   They will not come to the rescue of the nation that saved them.  That is not patriotic.

The billionaires in this country could end our financial problems in one day, and not break the bank.  When we call on our military to sacrifice themselves for our nation, They heed the call to sacrifice themselves for our freedom and the freedom of the wealthy to live in luxury never having gone to war themselves.  Then business owner hire them just to at least say thank you for sacrificing and protecting my business and my huge income.
WHAT ARE THE BILLIONAIRES WAITING ON? WHY ARE THE SITTING ON 3 TRILLION DOLLARS, COLLECTING INTEREST? WHAT SORRY LAME EXCUSE DO THEY GIVE US?  WE ARE SO UNCERTAIN?  WHAT???? UNCERTAIN?  THAT IS SO LAME! It is uncertain and very risky to start a business, nothing in business is as risky as starting up.  the average business fails within the first year (about half or more every year) and another 20 or 30% within the first five years.  This is why many businesses brag about how long they’ve been in business.

[One company in Louisiana put  workers on 24 hour shifts!  The owner actually locked them in and forcing labor, this is the Romney vision for America.  When certain conditions prevail, like where we are now, it can bring out the nature and character of some people] Is this the deregulation Romney wants? so businesses can do as they please and you can’t say or do anything about it?  Walmart ends relationship with the owner when they found out

The Money Outside: Lucrative Tax Heavens & Off-Shoring American Jobs
it’s just amazing how much money the wealth goes off shore with the off-shoring of jobs The billions and possibly trillions of dollars that are not available for investment. if that money were in the United states, we would not be in this jam.  Many of Romney’s donors are under investigation for secreting billions of dollars in secret off shore accounts to avoid paying taxes. That is law breaking, it is criminal, and they could lose everything under the RICO law if the prosecutor goes that route.  So Romney wants to be president and he has no desire to report all his income like the rest of us, which is illegal, and he wants to be president of the United States?  Should we vote for a criminal the way the religious leaders did in the days of Christ? The preferred a murderer over the creator of the universe.   It is possible those guys want Romney because he may promised them amnesty if  they support him and he’s elected.  It is our opinion that the real culprits that are responsible for our nations woes.  One of their thing was they peddled these interest only mortgages. They are not bad if you know how they work and you need discipline to use them properly. but dangerous if you don’t. this gave us toxic assets.

Now I seen  New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu lying on national TV, that Romney off shored zero jobs, when we all know better.  Why is it that the GOP thinks we are so stupid? Why do they think we forget in a twenty-four hour period? Or is it that they conveniently choose to forget.  If they really thought that we are intelligent, they would not come on TV and lie.  It’s like they have this idea that Americans want to be lied to. Spin is one thing, what they are doing is lying.

Now here’s what we think about Romney’s off shoring job and off shoring his money and why it’s possible that these two things, and the his failure to release his tax return, will expose some disturbing revelations.  What if he has his money in offshore accounts, so he can secretly invest overseas into industries that sell to the USA as well as to other nations.  What if, with his off shoring of jobs and his investment in companies that are off shore, Romney off shored American jobs to companies he had invested in offshore, through his many offshore?  Would that be profitable for him?  Yes!  He can secretly invest and get a Return On Investments (ROI) that the US Government cannot track back to him.  Being the pioneer of off-shoring jobs, he’s gotten very good at it.

UPDATE July 12 2012
JUST IN! Mother Jones has published a story by David Corn, that Answers the questions, I posed above,  yesterday.

UPDATE ON  OFF-SHORING:Bain is still at i,t in Romney Mold
We Just discovered videos that made us put out hand over our collective, wide gaped, jaw dropped mouth! This quote is from the description

“Dorothy Turner has worked at Mitt Romney’s Bain owned Sensata in Freeport, IL for 43 years. Bain Capital is laying her off by the end of the year. Her job is being shipped to China. Adding insult to injury she is now required to train her Chinese replacements.” Heck I’d might be tempted to teach them the wrong way. 

Here are more videos of pleading Sensata employees begging Romney to save their jobs  which are being off-shored to China. Why is Romney and his organization not telling America the truth?  Will Romney do anything to help them?  Did he ever go back to help the others he left devastated and their communities decimated? Other business in these cities and towns he destroyed, counted n the income from the incomes the pre Bain owned businesses. Once they forced that company it into bankruptcy, just about all the other business in the community closed their doors.  I’m sure Romney did not subtract the  company jobs and the indirect job losses from what he claims to have created; 100,000. or tens of thousands or the 40 thousand jobs, when you lie, you always forget your lies which is why he changes the number when questioned or bragging. about it.

Romney is slippery like the serpent in the garden. On one hand, he says he created “all those jobs” as reason to vote for him, however, when it’s pointed out that he caused job losses, he says “my goal at Bain was not to create jobs, but to make money for our  investors”.  He berates the President for not creating jobs, then says the government can’t create jobs, then when The president wants to support education, fireman and law enforcement, he derides him. Where does he actually stand.  Not only that he’s a part of the jobs problem; off-shoring thousands and thousands of jobs to places he has investments, and helps a company off shore jobs to the places he invests and makes money in investments from his off shore accounts.  He create American jobs  for non Americans offshore. This man actually want to be President, and has done more to hurt middle class workers than the crash of 2008.

What some in the Conservative Middle Class do not understand, is, some of the people who lost their jobs or had their jobs offshore, were Middle Class American Conservatives!  Here is the kicker, This did not stop Romney from off-shoring their jobs or taking their pensions.  He did not care about those Middle Class Conservatives, do you think he give a flying leap through a dozen rolling donuts for any of the Middle Class; Conservatives, Moderates, independents? (we already now he hates liberals). Well enjoy the videos.

“We had a great community meeting on Sunday, July 8th at Logan’s Bar & Grill in Freeport, IL where 200 community and Sensata workers came together to fight to save our jobs from Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital plan to ship them to China. We came together as a community and heard the stories of our co-workers and the community. The Freeport City Council agreed to pass a resolution on July 16th that calls on Gov. Mitt Romney to come to Freeport and Save Our Jobs! We will continue to fight corporate greed!”

Looking a this video made me sick to my stomach.  To see people who gave loyal service to this company, some for almost  a lifetime, help to making the company very successful; helping them make tremendous profits.  How did this company repay these employees for years of loyalty they must now take  the responsibility and teach your job and skills to your replacement in china!  Bain is still at it, and Romney is making a fortune from off-shoring their jobs where he invests hos money out of secret accounts offshore.  THIS MAN WANTS TO BE PRESIDENT CLAIMING TO BE ABLE TO SOLVE A PROBLEM HE CONTINUES TO BE ONE OF THE MAIN SOURCE OF?  GET REAL!

It seems Mitt Romney’s big lie is about to send him to jail. he says he left Bain, and was not working there when companies went bankrupt. Now it seems some SEC forms,  signed and submitted by Bain Capitol show Romney title and pay during the time he says he was not working at Bain. But Romney is telling America a different story that is calling his character into question.  Did he lie to the SEC or is he lying to the 

If he continues to assert that he was not at Bain during 2000 ans 2002 when those companies Bain forced into community killing bankruptcy and shipped American Middle Class jobs overseas; how can he answer the SEC? Will he tell the truth or tell a lie? if he admits he was at Bain to the SEC, then the public knows he was lying to them and it could kill his election bid, for good!  If he says he was not their, he has committed a perjury and a felony for submitting a falsified document to the SEC and he may very well be arrested and charged and possibly indited. it is a serious very serious matter to lie to the SEC. however he answers them, everyone will know he lied, and he was ducking  and hide from the bankruptcies, or he ducked and hid from paying taxes by off-shoring his wealth.  We have no problem with his wealth, not at all jealous, it’s how you make your money that counts. When you make it bankrupting companies and devastating families and the communities they lived in, and leaving tax payers on the hook for the clean-up.  Yes out tax dollars cleaned up Bain’s mess.  Romney hates that low-income families get help from the public, but they want and feel entitled to tax breaks, that’s entitlements at a very high level.

Here are several sources for you to look at. Romney’s





MOTHER JONES  up next: To Own A Nation

To Own A Nation: The Largest Leveraged Hostile, Take-Over Of The Century! 

Romney and his billionaire friends want to OWN the United States of America.  they see it as a business to be taken over.  If elected Romney’s billionaire donors/invetors are actually lending Romney money to, not purchase an election, but to pull off the greatest leveraged hostile takeover  of America.  Once they own it they can treat us  any kind of way they want to, ship our jobs overseas and leave us destitute.  With the way they are setting things, we may not be able to get rid of them, if Romney should win.  Romney’s real   agenda:.  HE is a VENTURE CAPITALIST, better search hostile take over, and know what Venture Capitalist do. they seek vulnerable, and undervalued companies, and come in and take over, and decide if it is more valuable if it lives, or more valuable if they can suck all the value out of it and let it go belly up.  They get a tax break and the public is left with the tab. When a company goes bankrupt under a venture capitalist, it is a decision the capitalist makes, because it would be more profitable for them if the business fails (they know they can write it off and get a huge tax break).  Will mitt Romney see America and “let it go bankrupt”as his venture capitalist instinct take over and he breaks the county up and sell of the valuable parts, suck all the value out of the nation and let it go belly up?  how can we know that? can we actually take that chance? the thoughts of a venture capitalist in the white house send chills up and down my spine literally.

The Emperor Commands Vader Obeys

Romney’s Spills his Secret Tax increase
I am very confident that most people did not hear Romney when he said he was going to raise taxes. Did you?  he said he would “close tax  loop-holes”! that is a tax increase he’s planing.  better listen close to him and remember what he’s says. Get yourself a notebook and tally up the flip-flops.   mother always told me “If you lie, you kill”.

The Supremes: Sing An Extreme Song
No I’m not speaking about the 60s Motown super girl group, but about the supreme court


We were once asked if paying taxes is patriotic?  Middle Class Life does. and we think we are right.  Especially with our nations economic fragility, why have the billionaires not come to her rescue? When former President Bush policies the push our nation over the financial cliff leaving the wealthy reeling at the prospect of becoming poor, we bailed them out. now they are doing so much better, they have recovered their wealth and more; they sit on 3 trillion dollars, but they will not come to the rescue of the nation that saved them.   They have the President to thank for that.  Yet these ungrateful, can deposit more into the GOP races around the country, than the taxes they would have paid, maybe for the next five to ten years.  Does that make any sense to you?  Here’s what we think.  The Billionaires are:

1) looking for a return on their investment (ROI) how many of you know what a leveraged buyout or what a hostile takeover is? these are terms Venture Capitalist use when buying a vulnerable business so they can make profit no matter what it costs to employees involved.  When the use terms like, streamline, restructure,  eliminate waste , cut the fat, they are speaking about firing people, leaving them with nothing like the companies Romney loaded up with debt, taking the money for him and his partners, to pensions, and medical benefits, and left, decimating whole communities.

2 They use other people’s money (OPM) to buy a business.  That is what “leveraged” means, they borrow OPM  to give them a financial leverage in purchasing a business) this is what they are doing to America now. The investors lending the money, are lending it to Romney  to buy that election and in turn the country for them.  the truth is as I see it, they They want to own it lock stock and barrel.  The people will not only not government of the people, by the people, for the people, but it will become a business, subject to being torn apart and sold off at the whim of these billionaires.  Do you want them OWNING OUR NATION AS THEIR PERSONAL PIGGY BANK?

However you vote, get out to vote this election.  If your not registered get registered and don’t let anything stop you, it’s your right as an american citizen. Don’t let anyone steal your right! Don’t let them take away your American Dream. “never give up, never surrender.”

Look for up dates coming soon


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